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What is Dollarainpro?

DollarainPro - Limited is a hedge fund, a private investment partnership & a registered Company in United Kingdom. We attract investors in order to get a steady income. The core of our activity is conducting financial transactions on international exchanges while managing risks and guaranteeing profits.

Inviting investors, we know full well the level of responsibility and we are striving for transparent partnership. Our objective is long and strong cooperation that will bring the maximum possible benefit for both parties. Now that you understand the importance of having a diversified investment portfolio, it's time to think about investing in crypto.

Our team consists of experienced traders that are engaged in trading activity for more than 3 years. We created the financial portfolio with an active pool of profit from the high-yielding assets. Attracting additional capital allows to extend boundaries and to move forward. With our company, every investor becomes a player in the professional exchange market.

Earning Opportunities
DollarainPro provide the most innovative PayBack Program
Our success comes from our satisfied Customers and that's why we give back a part of this success to our customers.

We also provide some additional but limited earning opportunities to all our members as detailed below:

Earning Opportunity #1 - Referral Commission:
As an incentive for promoting the services offered in our site, we offer all our members upto 7% referral commission on every Purchase made by their direct referral. There is also a 2% indirect referral commission & 1% on 3rd level referral that accrues to members from their 3-level referrals.
Earning Opportunity #2 - Investment Plans:

Below are the Investment Packages offered here:

Our Investment Plans


Mature At 110%

  • Daily1.0%
  • DurationForever
  • Referral Commission4,2,1
  • Principal RequestAny time After 10 Days
  • PaymentsDaily


Mature At 126%

  • Daily1.3%
  • DurationForever
  • Referral Commission5,2,1
  • Principal RequestAny time After 20 Days
  • PaymentsDaily


Mature At 151%

  • Daily1.7%
  • DurationForever
  • Referral Commission6,2,1
  • Principal RequestAny time After 30 Days
  • PaymentsDaily


Mature At 200%

  • Daily2%
  • DurationForever
  • Referral Commission7,2,1
  • Principal RequestAny time After 50 Days
  • PaymentsDaily

Crypto Plans

will be available shortly..


USD plans are available for NOW crypto plans will be added shortly in coming future.

DollarainPro Registeration Certificate

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